Woven Bags

Woven Sacks are the best and the most cost effective packaging solution for Industries like fertilizer, sugar, Chemicals, foodgrains etc. There are various types of bags made out of PP/ HDPE and with or without lamination. Apart from it there are Jumbo bags which are used to pack bulk quanitities. Off late Woven fabric which is the first stage of Woven sacks, is a preferred medium for bale wrapping and rain protection in the form of Tarpaulin.

Types of Woven Bags :

  • Laminated/Unlaminated Bag

  • Printed/Unprinted Bags

  • All types of Small Bags Like Valve, Bale wraps, Liner bags, Gusseted bags

  • UV stabilized option

  • Box Bags and Bale Wraps

  • Pallet Covers

  • Food Grain bags

  • Fertilizer Bags


Tech Specifications

  • NWeight As per Required size

  • Width 30″ to 155″

  • Denier 350 to 1200

  • Size 12 TO 90

  • GSM 40 GSM TO 120 GSM

  • Length As per Required

  • Colors Any Colour

  • Printing All

  • Packing As per Requirement

  • Bag opening As per Requirement

  • PE lining As per Requirement

  • Laminated/Coated As per Requirement

  • Mesh 8 x 8 TO 12 x 12

  • UV Stabilization As per requirement.

  • Moisture Proof – HDPE/PP Bags are inherently moisture repellent

  • Light Weight – HDPE/PP Bags being light weight, offers easy and cheap transportation.

  • Printing – Bright 2/3/4 Colour printing offer aggressive marketing prospects

  • Stackability – No problems in stacking. Can be gusseted to further improve stacking

  • Strength – High Tensile strength and long life.

  • Economical – Highly economical compared to other alternative packing material

  • Can be stored in an open area due to UV-stability,

  • Water and dust proof design due to inside PE liners or laminated on the outside, hence packed materials are protected from outside humidity